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Can I get Insurance for my Treehouse?

The answer is really up to your insurance company. Many treehouses have been insured as accessory structures to a home. This is the same category with which you would insure a shed or gazebo.

How to Insure a Treehouse

Call your local insurance agent to ask if they will insure the treehouse. Be prepared to give the value, which would be whatever you paid a professional treehouse builder or whatever the replacement cost would be to you.

How much does it cost to insure a Treehouse?

It may not cost you any extra, since many homeowner insurance policies have protection for a certain limit on accessory structures. However, you should definitely discuss the matter with your agent to ensure that you are covered under the details of your policy. Other insurance companies may refuse to cover a treehouse if they consider it an "attractive nuisance." Consider this story from Columbus, Ohio regarding insuring a treehouse.

What about Insuring Commercial Treehouses?

Surprisingly, it can be much easier to insure a commercial treehouse because they tend to be built with approved plans according to building codes. In this way, they are usually accepted like any other structure would be.

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