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How to put electricity in a treehouse?

Putting electricity into a treehouse is not much different from a ground house. Follow the same local electrical codes you would have to follow for a ground house. Don't cut corners just because it's a treehouse - I have heard of a couple treehouses burning down from electrical fires.

Options for getting electricity to the treehouse.

One difference is the approach the main electric wires take to get to the treehouse. There are generally three options:

Running overhead wires usually takes a professional electrician and could be expensive. Running wires on top of the ground is not very practical in the long run, as people may trip, they may get in the way of mowing, etc. The advantage to this is that it avoids trenching and is easiest. Running electric wires underground requires trenching, which must be done carefully so as not to damage tree roots. The best way is to rent an air spade, which may cost a couple hundred bucks a day, but it will minimize root damage. Another clue is to run the trench right at the trunk, since roots ideally/normally radiate out from the trunk.

Are Permits needed for Electric Tree houses?

Of course, putting permanent electricity in a treehouse will usually require a permit, but this must be determined by your local building department. One way to avoid the need for a permit in many places is to run a wire through conduit to the base of the tree and install an outdoor receptacle. Then an extension cord can drop down from the treehouse to electrify it. Since it can be unplugged, the treehouse may be considered "temporary electric" which may not need a permit.

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